Why I became a Holistic Nutrition Coach.

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“They have opened the door to a whole new level of health and nutrition”.

"Focus on goal planning. HL was so helpful in
providing me with recipes, relevant readings,
goal planning strategies. Meal planning and
recipes were my favorite. Everything was great!"

~A. Shah Holistic Nutrition Client

"The initial conversation I had with Gail made
me feel like she would supportive in helping
me reach my health goals. I feel like I received many resources tailored to my individual needs that will keep me engaged for the next several months. I’m very likely to return if/when a “tune-up” is needed. I liked that she checked in with me in between sessions to check on my progress.
That kept me motivated to stay on track. "

~ D. Simmons-Holistic Nutrition Client

"INCREDIBLE! Changed my life! Within two days my blood sugar dropped. Going off insulin soon. This was a divine appointment! I am so blessed for
using this wellness nutrition coach. HIGH RECOMMENDED! I am thanking you for cooperation and how you blessed me! You are incredible! You graced me with the tools to grow. I am hungry for 
knowledge that can lead to my healing. I had to make the decision to become a good steward of my health. It is true that health is wealth."

 Tanya Wright

“I firstly love the welcoming energy of Gail; she is a clear channel and picked upon a major event that is happening in my life. She also gave tools to help
with my process.” ~ 

Amanda C, Intuitive reading 

“Gail has a great wealth of knowledgeand passion regarding nutrition
and lifestyle health.” 

~Sharon P, Coaching session 

“Gail was knowledgeable, very supportive and confident, she is amazing!
I can heal my digestive issues” 

~Krystle R Coaching session 

“I loved Gail’s recipes and her soul,passion and overall ambiance”.

~ Michelle K, food demo 

“Showing us how to rice cauliflower,
a very well-prepared presentation
and very organized!” 

~no name, SWIHA food Demo 

“One area I truly enjoyed about your presentation was your ability to present with passion without being overwhelming or
pushy, perfect presentation!” 

~Crystal S, SWIHA food demo 

“I enjoyed the part in your presentation about
the stuff you can use as substitutes when an
allergy might be there, and you can’t eat one
particular thing. I was impressed.” 

~Sarah B, SWIHA food demo 

 “I love the practical tips and meal plans!
I know I can trust the information provided.
Thank you, Holistic Living LLC, for keeping
me informed!” 


“I hired Gail for professional organizing in my office. Once that was completed, I ended up loving it so much, that I hired her to do my whole house and help me manage my many to do lists. The to do lists were growing and growing with no end in sight. I was going through a lot life changes at the time with my husband and I becoming empty nesters after 30 years of raising children and left with so many rooms and cupboards to sort. What a transformation! Gail has the gifts to see how things can function better and she truly cares! just seeing the house looking so much better made such a difference to my energy level too! Thank you, Gail, you will always be appreciated!

~Blessings S.G.A