"Wellness is a choice , a way of life, a process, an efficient channeling of energy, an integration of mind, body, spirit and a loving acceptance of self". ~John Travis

Our passion is to support others in unlocking their full potential and living the life they truly desire by developing a strong mind, body, and spirit connection. Holistic Living LLC will meet you wherever you are in your journey and co-create a plan to help you achieve the life you really want!

Holistic Living, LLC can support you with:

 Inspiration, motivation and accountability to achieve any of your goals
 Nutrition Sessions: Increasing your overall energy, hormonal balancing and understanding what to eat based on your goals to feel your absolute best
 Nutrition Sessions: meal plans, meal prep, and healthy recipes
 Lifestyle Organizing Sessions: pantry, kitchen, whole house  or office organizing  
 Intuitive readings; strengthening mind-body connection
 Creating healthy, lasting lifestyle habits

When you purchase a service, class or product from someone, you aren't just buying an hour or two of their time.

Your purchasing:
~The multitude of hours they've studied.
~The dozens of books they've read.
~The many experts and elders they've sought out and learned under.
~The hundreds of mistakes they've made to help you not make the same mistakes.
~The work they've put into the marketing, location and products to create the materials and space you can feel comfortable with.
~The thousands of dollars they've put into various trainings and classes.

Consider the items above before you tell a coach, healer or trainer that their service or product isn't worth the price you're paying...you don't know the price they've paid to offer it to you.

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